Protect Port

Firewall can protect your port by Connection Hit, IP, DNSBL, Detection Multiple and IP Lock.

Protect Port

Postby admin » Mon Sep 05, 2011 7:31 am

It is a firewall to protect a specific port, you can start up more than 1 piece of Magic Router, to protect more than 1 port.

Magic Router include a very fine firewall protection, avoid hacking DOS attack a port. Most of the firewall is not specific to protect a port. Once a port is opened, protection is done by server application itself. If the application protection is not strong enough, hacker can continuous send connection command to the serviced server, making connection overflow. or hacker can continuous send data to server, and hold the connection bandwidth.

Therefore to protect the server, by using port forward. For example, you can open a port smtp 25, open to listen by Magic Router, and forward to another not used port, like 2025 (final server service port). Then any connection to port 25 will by handle by Magic Router and build in firewall. Magic Router will protect the port according to setting.

Protection includes connection hit, by minute, hour and day. Data quota, control the amount of data is allowed by single connection or single ip. IP detection includes single ip, group ip and all ip, if over the upper limit, the firewall will stop the ip, or if all hit is meet, the port will delay until hit is under upper limit.

If over upper limit, ip will mark as black ip, and block to access.

You can open more than 1 port but share the same blackip.txt or blackip table. If you want to use blackip.txt for specific port, copy the entire magic router folder to another folder. Start mr.exe in copied folder with different config and blackip.txt.
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