Router Mode

Coding is how to transmit data, by Router Mode, Encryption, Authentication and User List.

Router Mode

Postby admin » Mon Sep 05, 2011 7:24 am

Coding include router mode, encryption, authentication and user list.

Router mode, if you want to create a secure tunnel between "true" application and "true" server, select client as client side Magic Router, select server as server side Magic Router.

Of course, to create secure tunnel, both client or server side need to start up Magic Router. For simple testing, do not select any encryption or authentication. Simple start up a client-server tunnel first, then test with your application and "true" server.

We will not consider to use ssh/ssl/certificate .... From our experience, it is very hard to use and not easy to implement. Magic Router has another ActiveX client version, you can create client-server secure tunnel easily without using certificate in any computer.
(SSL3 is supported after version after 1.0.0)

Additionally, if your client computer is hijacked by hacker, ssh/ssl/certificate is meaningless. To protect data transfer, apply "Anti Memory Dump" module on your application. If you need support, pls contact us.
(SSL3 is supported after version after 1.0.0)

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